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CHEAPEST WEB HOSTING plans - BEST services at lowest prices

When you are deciding on a web hosting service, you ought to select just the best, as you don't need any issue to creep up. In case you are in a predicament as to which web hosting service you ought to select, this is a record of top web hosting company for you.

 It is ideal for small business owners as well as Word press owners.

I Page

The I page ranks perhaps second within the record of top best web hosting company and offers its services at only $3.50 per month. Its advantages are that it provides not only infinite disk space and bandwidth but also basic shopping cart tools and round the clock support. Still, it has one disadvantage where it lacks some innovative features like a proper script library.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy offers you with a great service, but the prices are too high sometimes. It provides you with 100 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth at $4.99 per month. Besides this, if you need a domain, you must purchase it from them at an extra cost which changes from time to time. Still, it actually provides you with your money's worth since it provides you with services with widest feature range, which is perhaps not offered by another cheap web hosting services available in the market. This is actually the main reason why it has made its place within the top best web hosting company ist.


Arrive is yet another web hosting service that finds its space within the top best web hosting company by offering its features at only $4.00 per month. It provides you with unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space, in addition to a free domain name provided that you remain their client. Besides this, it provides you with great support for you through the entire day and even at early hours of the night. Still, it's one disadvantage is that its response time changes mainly and may be really slow sometimes.

Just Host

Keeping the above top best web hosting company in mind can enable you to select the web hosting service for yourself.

Just Host is yet another web hosting companies that has made its spot within the top best web hosting company list because of its services. At only $2.95 per month, it provides you with user friendly characteristics that can be utilized by beginners as well as experts. However, its disadvantage is that it really supplies Linux hosting only and not Windows hosting.

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